The Death Pangs of the Religious Right

ZappaDavid Harris-Gershon has an interesting post in the Tikkun Daily. Does the flurry of anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-common sense activities we are seeing over in those bastions of critical thinking, like Arizona and Oklahoma, constitute the death-rattle of the Right-Wing Fundamentalists who are seeing their influence erode rapidly and are facing a future where they are increasingly seen as sad losers and consummate whack-jobs?

Those Sounds You Hear? They Are the Death Pangs of the Religious Right

One might think, given the record number of anti-gay bills being proposed across the United States, that the religious right’s legislative influence – and cultural entrenchment – is growing. In fact, they are evidence that the exact opposite is the case.

What we are seeing right now are the last gasps of religious fundamentalism and its normative influence on the national stage. Just as an individual on his deathbed experiences a momentary flurry of energy and clarity before descending into his final end, we are witnessing the religious right’s final flailing on the national stage. To understand this, one doesn’t need to examine Pew studies on changing attitudes, nor the consolidation of religious fundamentalism into pockets of the Southeast and the West.

All one needs to do is look at legislation being offered right now, and the mainstream ridicule such legislation is garnering.

SignThe article then goes on to cite some pathetic examples of a right-wing gone rogue: a bill purportedly written by one of Washington’s most influential lobbyists which would ban gay athletes from playing in the NFL (which branch of government was Jack Burkman elected to?), or in Arizona, where even Republican legislators who voted for, and passed, the State’s anti-gay piece of legislation are now calling upon Governor Jan Brewer to veto it (she did, earlier today).

David Harris-Gershon concludes his article with a recognition that Fundamentalism will never go away but it is rapidly being marginalized. Sort of like the Republican Party, I expect.

The religious right has lost the national battle over whether or not LGBT Americans deserve full equality, so much so that efforts to take their rights away elicit scorn and ridicule. And this loss is on the front lines of the fundamentalist war which has been waged in this country for decades. The battle over gay marriage, and equality for all, is over. And evolving public opinions on other hot-button issues, such as abortion and creationism, show that the religious right’s national political hold is over.

Sure, rural and exurban pockets of America will continue to champion religiously-motivated policies backed by fear and hatred, and those who represent such fears will continue to be elected. But those pockets, be they in Georgia or Minnesota, are being consolidated, rather than spreading.

And on a national stage, such politicians will increasingly become marginalized and ridiculed. So much so that the phenomenon of Republican lawmakers apologizing for their discriminatory votes may become a thing.

Go on over to Tikkun Daily and read the complete article.  Also, check out the website for similar articles.

What are your thoughts on this?

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