Good Reading Suggestions From Last Month

Crab NebulaMy reading suggestions this last month seem to have recommended many new titles I have yet to read. I’d like to say that I will fill in the gaps without delay but the truth is that although I try to suggest a new title each day, I certainly don’t read a new book each day so, inevitably, I keep falling further and further behind (and this is not even considering all the other books I want to read but haven’t recommended the on this website.

So, if you read something I haven’t read yet, post a comment and let me know if I should move it to the top of the stack or maybe just take it down to the book exchange, unread (actually, in today’s digital world, I would simply click DELETE, right?)

02-01-14 – Mercier et Comier — Samuel Beckett
02-02-14 – One day I will write about this place — Binyavanga Wainaina
02-03-14 – Mr. Sammler’s Planet — Saul Bellow
02-04-14 – The Spy Who Came In From the Cold — John Le Carré
02-05-14 – Foundation — Isaac Asimov
02-06-14 – War and Peace — Lev Tolstoi
02-07-14 – Angle of Repose — Wallace Stegner
02-08-14 – The Confessions — Jean-Jacques Rousseau
02-09-14 – The Ark Sakura — Kobo Abé
02-10-14 – The Russian Girl — Kingsley Amis
02-11-14 – John Marchmont’s Legacy — Mary Elizabeth Braddon
02-12-14 – La Nébuleuse de Crabe — Eric Chevillard
02-13-14 – Martin Chuzzlewit — Charles Dickens
02-14-14 – Prairie Nocturne — Ivan Doig
02-15-14 – Animal Farm — George Orwell
02-16-14 – Juno and the Paycock — Sean O’Casey
02-17-14 – Un Homme Qui Dort (Avec Dossier) — Georges Perec
02-18-14 – Hand to Mouth — Paul Auster
02-19-14 – We Need New Names — NoViolet Bulawayo
02-20-14 – The Good Soldier Švejk — Jaroslav Hašek
02-21-14 – Froth on the Daydream (Mood Indigo) – Boris Vian
02-22-14 – Some Prefer Nettles — Jun’ichirō Tanizaki
02-23-14 – The Origins of Totalitarianism – Hannah Arendt
02-24-14 – The Three Cornered Hat — Pedro Antonio de Alarcon
02-25-14 – Dimanches d’août — Patrick Modiano
02-26-14 – The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life — Steve Leveen
02-27-14 – The Buddha in the Attic — Julie Otsuka
02-28-14 – Falling from the Sky – Craig Quackenbush, ed.

I have indicated those titles I have read in Blue.

What are your thoughts on this?

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