Affordable Care Act

ACAIf you watch or listen to discussions of the Affordable Care Act, erroneously called Obamacare,you get a strong sense that too many Americans don’t know what they’re talking about. I suspect the very effective disinformation attack coordinated by the Republican/Conservatives is a major part of this confusion about the ACA, but I’m not sure that the Obama Administration can be blamed for not clarifying the issues early on so as to avoid the confusion. I have seen too many objective, direct statements broadcast defining what the ACA is all about and they must be fallen on stupid ears because the right-wing disinformation is still wide-spread and effective.

(It’s interesting: we used to associate disinformation with the efforts of totalitarian regimes to control the hearts and minds of  their oppressed citizens and to expand their dominance over unsuspecting neighbors through lies and deceit.)

Ask a few of your friends this one thing: What level of health insurance does Obamacare provide to Americans?

Of course this is a trick question: Obamacare does not provide ANY health insurance, nor does it provide any level of healthcare. Here’s a graphic that might clarify the ACA (remember, it’s the law):


What are your thoughts on this?

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