Classical Music

Not since Robert Palmer has there been such an ambiguous use of very sexy women in a video: is it interpretive dance, mesmerizing synchronization, or blatant offensive sexism? I don’t know if it matters since its message is clear: you might like rock and roll but with a little outside stimulus, Classical music sounds just fine.

Despite the obvious gender questions, I have always enjoyed the synchronization of movement to music, whether it’s Ernie Kovacs, Jerry Lewis, or five attractive young women auditioning for Charlie’s Angeles.

Besides, the music was great! Maybe they’ll do an opera next …

One thought on “Classical Music

  1. Sexist? Perhaps we go too far when something as clever and invigorating as this is rejected simply because it displays the athletic abilities of several beautiful and enticing young women. But at least, as so often happens today, the final sell is not an electric power drill or lemonade flavored hooch.

    Remember when Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd did the visuals for some heavy classical music? Was that exploitation of cartoon characters?


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