Fascism for $100, Alex

fasciismI am an educated grown-up who

    • Denies science;
    • Denies evolution;
    • Denies climate change;
    • Considers truthfulness unnecessary?

As a politician I

    • Favor bribes and contributions over the health and welfare of the country;
    • Am ready to destroy the American democracy for personal power and profit;
    • Profess a deeply religious belief but seldom follow the teachings of that religion;
    • Am hypocritical in all I do and say?

I will be influential in

    • The repeal of all women’s rights;
    • The reintroduction of slavery;
    • The extinction of human life;
    • The destruction of the planet?

What is a ….

(Note: They’re not all low-grade idiots .. some are just evil).

What are your thoughts on this?

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