It’s May Already?

Hot BooksThis afternoon I was casually reading out on the lanai despite the darkening skies and the thundering rain when I realized it was May Day. My first thought was to light the flame on my shrine to the labor movement which invented the week-end and the middle class, but I soon remembered all the writing I had to slap together for various reading groups, weblogs, and even the monthly neighborhood news for the official neighborhood periodical.

Luckily I had been fooling around with various unread titles trying to piece together a reasonable reading list for the upcoming month. Two things I decided: first, I’m getting tired of listing perfectly good books month after month and never getting to read them; and second, I need to knuckle down and knock off a few big fat books that have been on my shelves for years daring me to read them.

So here is my May list. I cleared out some of the old stuff and made sure the list included some heavy lifting to challenge my patience and my love of literature. Will I read them all? Of course not but I will certainly try!

See something you like?

Possible Reading for May 2014

  1. The Green Man — Kingsley Amis *
  2. The Deputy of Arcis — Honoré de Balzac
  3. Giles Goat-Boy — John Barth *
  4. In Watermelon Sugar — Richard Brautigan
  5. Swamp Foetus — Poppy Z. Brite *
  6. Such — Christine Brooke-Rose
  7. World War Z — Max Brooks *
  8. We Need New Names — NoViolet Bulawayo *
  9. The Brunist Day of Wrath — Robert Coover *
  10. The Big Money — John Dos Passos
  11. A Bad Man — Stanley Elkin *
  12. Glamorama — Brett Easton Ellis *
  13. The Wine of Youth — John Fante [stories]
  14. Skios: A Novel — Michael Frayn *
  15. Sophie’s World — Jostein Gaardner *
  16. Summer of the Big Bachi— Naomi Hirahara *
  17. The Ambassadors — Henry James
  18. Parsifal — Jim Krusoe *
  19. Happyland — J. Robert Lennon *
  20. The Golden Notebook — Doris Lessing
  21. Martin Eden — Jack London *
  22. The Infatuations — Javier Marías *
  23. Runaway Horses — Yukio Mishima *
  24. Gone With the Wind — Margaret Mitchell *
  25. Popular Hits of the Showa Era — Ryu Murakami *
  26. Mood Indigo — Boris Vian *
  27. Royal Family — William Vollmann
  28. Filth — Irvine Welsh *
  29. Salamander — Thomas Wharton *
  30. Cries In the Drizzle — Mo Yan *

What are your thoughts on this?

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