What were those reading suggestions?

booksEvery day I look around my bookshelves or scan the lists of books I have already read and uncover a new book that might be of interest to other readers. In case you missed any of these titles this last month, I have listed the entire month’s suggestions below.

If you create or peruse lists of books others recommend you might find a few tempting titles to add to your TBR list. The funny thing is that even I, when creating my lists, often get excited about a prospective read But that can be dangerous:.The modern day availability of digital editions allows you to have a copy of a interesting book on your iPad in a matter of minutes. If you’re not careful you can spend more money at an internet bookstore than you ever spent at the local sushi bar (which can add up damn fast, especially if you like exotic seafood that might still be wiggling).

So check these out (and let us know if you like to read while eating sushi).

Titles Recommended in April 2014

04-01-14 – Time’s Arrow — Martin Amis
04-02-14 – Christ Stopped At Eboli — Carlo Levi
04-03-14 – The Magician — W, Somerset Maugham
04-04-14 – All Our Names — Dinaw Mengestu
04-05-14 – Orfeo — Richard Powers
04-06-14 – The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge — Carlos Castaneda
04-07-14 – Are These Eyeballs — Garry Charles
04-08-14 – At Night We Walk in Circles — Daniel Alarcon
04-09-14 – Lexicon — Max Barry
04-10-14 – The Complete Fairy Tales — Charles Perrault
04-11-14 – Bad Sex On Speed: A Novel — Jerry Stahl
04-12-14 – Island Beneath the Sea — Elizabeth Allende
04-13-14 – The Comet — W. E. B. DuBois
04-14-14 – Why Read the Classics — Italo Calvino
04-15-14 – Eugénie Grandet — Honoré de Balzac
04-16-14 – Commedia — Dante Alighieri
04-17-14 – Nostromo — Joseph Conrad
04-18-14 – River Elegy — Su Xiaokang
04-19-14 – The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein —Peter Ackroyd
04-20-14 – The Greatest Show On Earth — Richard Dawkins
04-21-14 – The Glass Palace — Amitav Ghosh
04-22-14 – A Brief History of Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice — Jack Holland
04-23-14 – Restless — William Boyd
04-24-14 – The Scarlet Plague — Jack London
04-25-14 – The Folding Star – Alan Hollinghurst
04-26-14 – Reveries of a Solitary Walker — Jean-Jacques Rousseau
04-27-14 – King Lear of the Steppes — Ivan Turgenev
04-28-14 – Arcanum 17 — André Breton
04-29-14 – The Story of Lucy Gault — William Trevor
04-30-14 – The Master — Colm Toibin

What are your thoughts on this?

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