Edgar Rice Burroughs

I am in the midst of an uncharacteristic urge to read everything that Edgar Rice Burroughs has written: at least eighty novels and other pieces of fiction. The way I see it, I could dedicate the time to reading all six volumes of My Struggle or have a bit more fun knocking off the more well known series like Tarzan and John Carter and maybe a smattering of the less known series like Pellucidar and Caspak. Could I do both?

Burroughs is one of the most well known American authors, translated and read around the world. I read my first Tarzan in Spanish over fifty years ago and even though I probably didn’t finish the book, I was intrigued. Then there were all those Tarzan movies and television shows to keep the image alive, despite so many being horribly racist and often down-right silly. The recent Disney movie John Carter, despite being awful, introduced me to the Barsoom series and like Tarzan, I think I will read all of the novels (even if only in the bathroom).

I recently completed Tarzan of the Apes which, narratively, is the first novel of the series. At first I thought I had read this novel before but then remembered having read Philip José Farmer’s fictional biography, Tarzan Alive: A Definitive Biography of Lord Greystoke. If you think you know everything about Tarzan from all the movies, read Burroughs’ original novel. I won’t say it’s great literature but except for a few glaringly twisted sentences, it isn’t badly written and is vivid, simple, exciting, and fast-loving.

Here are the selected works of Edgar Rice Burroughs from Wkipedia (for a more detailed and complete list, see the bibliography entry):

Tarzan series

  • Tarzan of the Apes (1912)Tarzan
  • The Return of Tarzan (1913)
  • The Beasts of Tarzan (1914)
  • The Son of Tarzan (1914)
  • Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (1916)
  • Jungle Tales of Tarzan, 1917 [1916].
  • Tarzan the Untamed, 1921 [1919].
  • Tarzan the Terrible (1921)
  • Tarzan and the Golden Lion, 1923 [1922].
  • Tarzan and the Ant Men (1924)
  • Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, 1928 [1927].
  • Tarzan and the Lost Empire (1928)
  • Tarzan at the Earth’s Core (1929)
  • Tarzan the Invincible (1930–31).
  • Tarzan Triumphant (1931)
  • Tarzan and the City of Gold (1932)
  • Tarzan and the Lion Man, 1934 [1933].
  • Tarzan and the Leopard Men (1935)
  • Tarzan’s Quest, 1936 [1935].
  • Tarzan the Magnificent, 1937 [1936].
  • Tarzan and the Forbidden City (1938)
  • Tarzan and the Foreign Legion (1947)
  • Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins (1963, for younger readers)
  • Tarzan and the Madman (1964)
  • Tarzan and the Castaways (1965)
  • Burroughs, Edgar Rice; Lansdale, Joe R (1995), Tarzan: the Lost Adventure.

Barsoom series

  • A Princess of Mars (1912)
  • The Gods of Mars (1914)
  • The Warlord of Mars (1918)
  • Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1920)
  • The Chessmen of Mars (1922)
  • The Master Mind of Mars (1928)
  • A Fighting Man of Mars (1931)
  • Swords of Mars (1936)
  • Synthetic Men of Mars (1940)
  • Llana of Gathol (1948)
  • John Carter of Mars (1964)
    • Burroughs, John Coleman (1940), John Carter and the Giant of Mars.
    • “Skeleton Men of Jupiter” (1942)

Pellucidar series

  • At the Earth’s Core (1914)
  • Pellucidar (1923)
  • Tanar of Pellucidar (1928)
  • Tarzan at the Earth’s Core (1929)
  • Back to the Stone Age (1937)
  • Land of Terror (1944)
  • Savage Pellucidar (1963)

Venus series

  • Pirates of Venus (1934)
  • Lost on Venus (1935)
  • Carson of Venus (1939)
  • Escape on Venus (1946)
  • The Wizard of Venus (1970)

Caspak series

  • The Land That Time Forgot (1918)
  • The People That Time Forgot (1918)
  • Out of Time’s Abyss (1918)

Moon series

  • The Moon Maid (1926; The Moon Men)
    • Part I: The Moon Maid
    • Part II: The Moon Men
    • Part III: The Red Hawk

Mucker series

  • The Mucker (1914)
  • The Return of the Mucker (1916)
  • The Oakdale Affair (1917)

Other science fiction

  • Beyond the Farthest Star (1941)
  • The Lost Continent (1916; aka Beyond Thirty)
  • The Monster Men (1929)
  • The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw (1937)
  • Jungle adventure novels[edit]
  • The Man-Eater (1915)
  • The Cave Girl (1925)
  • The Eternal Lover (1925; aka The Eternal Savage)
  • Jungle Girl (1932; aka Land of the Hidden Men)
  • The Lad and the Lion (1938)

Western novels

  • The Bandit of Hell’s Bend (1926)
  • The War Chief (1927)
  • Apache Devil (1933)
  • The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County (1940)

Historical novels

  • I am a Barbarian (1967)
  • The Outlaw of Torn (1927)

Other works

  • The Efficiency Expert (1921)
  • Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder (2001)
  • The Girl from Farris’s (1916)
  • The Girl from Hollywood (1923)
  • The Mad King (1926)
  • Marcia of the Doorstep (1924)
  • Minidoka: 937th Earl of One Mile Series M (1998)
  • Pirate Blood (1970)
  • The Rider (1937)
  • You Lucky Girl! (1927)

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  1. Ah, Maureen O’Sullivan and her bare midriff was one of my first lusts, even in black & white and at 7 or 8 years old.


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