Freedom From Religion

This latest ruling by the best Supreme Court money can buy is actually quite problematic and may come back to bite those that are celebrating a win for religious freedom.

[For an excellent discussion of the lack of knowledge and understanding coming from the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby (and another fine example of slut-shaming) read the article in The Daily Beast by Sally Kohn, “Hobby Lobby: Sex, Lies, and Craft Supplies” … Conservatives are making five arguments hailing the decision. They’re all factually wrong, which leads them to the sixth: women are sluts.]

At first is sounds like the religious folks have won a big one and the ADA is seriously injured. But stop and think: hasn’t the Supreme Court just announced that the Federal Government will now be tasked with investigating and reviewing the religious status of these “closely held” corporations and why stop there, perhaps the religious status of known religious organizations should also be reviewed regularly to assure their religious status?

Did the religious right stop to consider the side-effects of this ruling?

churchNot only are organizations and corporation which declare a religious core open to scrutiny by the government, but the Supreme Court has branded religious organizations and corporations with religious concerns as being mostly involved with sex and especially with denying the rights of all females to control their own bodies. It doesn’t take a great deal of consideration to realize how ridiculous this makes the religious argument seem. It has always been clearly understood that religion is the best thing man ever created to control other men … and women too. Now religion will be associated with bundling boards and chastity belts, taking yet another step away from reality and relevance.

Besides, the ACA has already developed a procedure to assure that women working for a religious organization will be able to obtain free birth control despite the religious organization’s denial of the service; the mechanism is already in place and can easily be expanded to include workers from these closely held corporations that try to deny their woman workers contraception in their health plan.

Ultimately, I feel that the religious-right, the Supreme Court, the Neocons, the Republicans, the Conservatives, the gun nuts, the über-rich, the one-percent, has stacked injustice, inequality, and fascism too high and their tower is beginning to sway. Recently I read several articles suggesting the rich and powerful may be in for a major fall: it could get ugly.

But for know, the government is in the hands of the Fascists and the future is bleak … unless …


2 thoughts on “Freedom From Religion

  1. I think you forgot to mention how biased and corrupt this edition of the Supreme Court has been and how history will inevitably expose its corruption. The Roberts’ Court is a lingering artifact of the Bush years and as such is still working to destroy this country.


    1. Five Catholic white old men.

      A really interesting analysis I heard on the radio suggested that SCOTUS has ruled that Christianity is the religion of this country in violation of the Constitution which they not only serve to interpret, but which they are sworn to uphold. SCOTUS has established a religion and is subject to impeachment and removal from office in disgrace. Unfortunately this country is currently being run by crooks and liars so we can’t expect much.

      Just the fact that their ruling has put religion above the law should be enough to demonstrate how SCOTUS has fallen into the hands of the fascists.


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