Yahweh Deserves Better

GohmertHow can anyone pass up an article that has the sub-heading,

Yahweh Deserves Better than Texas Primitive Gohmert?

I don’t think the main point of this article is that Louis Gohmert is almost as smart as an armadillo, but rather that he does an admirable job of spreading the silliness and inanity of Christian Fundamentalism and therefore functions as an ideal congressman representing the large state of Texas.

The full title of this piece published at Nation of Change by Robert S. Becker is

Mocking Literalists Defy ‘Literal’ Science for ‘Creation Myth’

Everybody loves a good story and, as Aristotle taught, nothing drives impact like a beginning, middle and end. Start off with fetching characters and compelling themes, a plotline awash with suspense, then cap it off with a wow ending. Genesis oozes mythic ingredients as pre-science scribes, with nary a clue about impenetrable mysteries, fashioned a poetic rendition in part to discourage nitpicking. The stage set, we shift to high drama of the Fall, then the dysfunctional, disaster-prone first family that marches into the real world of earthly time. The loss of Paradise — by which godlike figures trade Eden for death — is nothing less than humanity’s greatest tragedy, indelibly stamped with permanent, if metaphoric original sin. No factual history inhibits this myth.

Then along comes Louis Gohmert, the mocking dunderhead who represents Texas in Congress. This clownish fundamentalist, thrilled to play to the cheap seats, not only mangles this most unliteral, mythic core, he snubs modern science – and its consensus there was no single, identifiable beginning, nor did existence come “from nothing.” Thus, the notion of “God the Creator” (with his own transient nature over time) is the shortcut that explains the conundrum of how and when did we get where we are?

And if you’re a Gohmert, you box yourself in your own dead end while displaying most unChristian intolerance. …

My issue isn’t that such fundamentalists are stupidly literalist (despite endless linguistic ambiguity), but that they embrace unreliable, transparently outdated literalism. Fundamentalists galore make a cosmic blunder worse by worshipping ideological, rather child-like fables. If prudent literalism is your thing, why not instead go for something substantial, like the Principle of Conservation of Energy? All you must assume is our clever species has learned a truth or two since, let’s see, about 800 BCE.

While science is neither ultimate nor perfect, why snub elemental physics for a bad-tempered Creator who “invented” day and night before first rolling out the sun and solar system? Here’s one vast, “category” oops: Gohmert the Deluded embraces impossible literalism (sourceless light) while slighting basic science, whether cosmology or evolution, climate change or niceties of human reproduction. Don’t blame the universe for defying quaint, reductive earthy notions of cause and effect, let alone alleged female chemistry that kills semen from rapists. …

Why are kids shunning the family faith, and why is fundamentalism, Christian and otherwise, relegated to the Know-Nothing dump for deluded absolutists. …

universeAlong the way Becker points out many problems and quaint stupidities that continue to be associated with Christian Fundamentalists, and as the title suggests, the major anomaly is that these fundamentalists insist on a literal interpretation of Felix’s Bag of dusty old myths and children’s stories when the reality is that there is an endless universe literally staring them in the face and the fundamentalist dismiss it because it does not confirm their delusional beliefs. Make sure you read the complete article at Nation of Change.

In the end, a quotation from The Huffington Post says it all

“The reality is that nothing plus nothing equals Gohmert.”



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