Analogies In the News


I’m not prepared to declare my support for any of the often deadly factions seeking to make changes to the lives of the peoples living in what used to be called the Near East, but a terribly unbalanced conflict is killing innocent people in Gaza and it must be stopped. I like Bill Maher and wouldn’t miss his Friday night broadcast (unless John Oliver was on opposite him); still, not everything Maher says is finest-kind.

In the case of Maher’s recent Tweet, I have to say that the analogy chosen is bad form and Dennis Trainor, Jr.’s response on Acronym TV (Facebook) is just the whipping-behind-the-woodpile that Maher set himself up for.

Are the geopolitical issues more important than human life? Is dirt more sacred than blood? I wonder what the “Right To Life” advocates have to say about this horror in Gaza?

What are your thoughts on this?

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