Last Month’s Hi-lighted Reading Suggestions

booksEvery day I try to suggest a new book to read, usually fiction but also non-fiction, poetry, and drama. As the years have gone by, it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of those suggestions and although I strive to post a new book each day, there have been a few duplicates slipped in there. I suspect that with the turnover of visitors to this weblog, I probably shouldn’t worry too much about duplicates. So I won’t (unless it get out of hand).

This last month (July) I posted old reliable books and new, take-a-chance books. My personal experience with books I am not familiar with is that I discover a new author to add to my list about half of the time. Generally, even if I discover that I do not want to read more about an author, I am at least grateful to have taken the chance, had the experience, and then moved onto to something more to my liking.

As usual, I have read a few of these books and indicate that in BLUE. Is there anything this last month that you have added to your own reading list, or perhaps you see a book on the list you especially liked and want to see higher on my reading list?

07-01-14 – The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe — Daniel Defoe
07-02-14 – The God Argument — A. C. Grayling
07-03-14 – Going After Cacciato — Tim O’Brien
07-04-14 – The Great SharkHunt — Hunter S. Thompson
07-05-14 – Grimus — Salman Rushdie
07-06-14 – The Hottest Dishes in the Tartar Cuisine — Alina Bronsky
07-07-14 – All the Names — José Saramago
07-08-14 – In the Miso Soup — Ryu Murakami
07-09-14 – A Week At the Airport: A Heathrow Diary — Alain De Botton
07-10-14 – Dear Life — Alice Munro
07-11-14 – The Museum of Final Journeys — Anita Desai
07-12-14 – The Good Apprentice — Iris Murdoch
07-13-14 – The Clock Winder — Anne Tyler
07-14-14 – The Prince of Mist — Carlos Ruiz Zafón
07-15-14 – Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee — Dee Brown
07-16-14 – Messiah — Gore Vidal
07-17-14 – My Invented Country — Isabel Allende
07-18-14 – Narcopolis — Jeet Thayil
07-19-14 – Cultural Idiocy — Joe Marconi
07-20-14 – Couples — John Updike
07-21-14 – Kafka on the Shore — Haruki Murakami
07-22-14 – Childhoods End — Arthur C. Clarke
07-23-14 – Lord Jim — Joseph Conrad
07-24-14 – Persepolis — Marjane Satrapi
07-25-14 – The Way the World Works — Nicholson Baker
07-26-14 – In the Time of Singing — Richard Powers
07-27-14 – Red-Dirt Marijuana — Terry Southern
07-28-14 – Darkness Visible — William Styron
07-29-14 – NW — Zadie Smith
07-30-14 – The Death in Midsummer and Other Stories — Yukio Mishima
07-31-14 – The Liar — Stephen Fry

What are your thoughts on this?

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