I Knew There Was a Reason To Dislike John Boehner

Click on the cartoon to go to the original on the Daily Kos, which can be enlarged

There was no way I could pass up this spot-on sendup of John Boehner since it’s modeled after the late-night television ads I contend are at the epicenter of the destruction of the American civilization (begging the question here). I wrote one or two posts with this “You Deserve It” meme central to my disgust.

The fundamental theme of this cartoon has to be that John Boehner is a shill for a crooked company that is out to fleece the American public, specifically the Republican Party. It’s just ashamed that the Democrats are not much better.

This cartoon is from the Daily Kos and was published by Brian McFadden. You should add Daily Kos to your daily routine (they will email you a reminder of the top stories … just ask).

What are your thoughts on this?

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