Public Enemy Number One?

militarizationThe militarization of the United States is one of the open sores bleeding our democracy. Add to that our proliferation of guns and violence, our demonstrated ability to bomb and destroy, and a significant portion of the population which lives in a bubble denying reality, and what do you expect when you hear that the United States is considered by most developed and undeveloped countries as the Disneyland of mass destruction and the most dangerous threat to the continued existence of human life on this planet.

A side observation suggests that America is in decline and will soon (if not already) be reduced and eclipsed by other nations, like China. Although this might actually be a good thing for the safety of the planet, I’m not so sure that the wing-nuts running around in positions of responsibility will not use their hurt feelings to start throwing excrement down from the trees. The threat to the American Empire just might be the impetus leading to the annihilation of civilization.

As a few hundred google-eyed leftovers come out of their libertarian caves and look across the un-bright cinder that was once Los Angeles or Chicago or a corn field in Iowa, they can finally stop their specious arguments about climate change and hope they will find enough water and insects to sustain their miserable lives another day.

But I wax poetic: there’s real trouble in River City and it demands our attention. This photo was on the first page of the Huffington Post:


Here is what Pajoly wrote about this in his weblog at the Daily Kos:

Yes, this is the Front Page photo on Huff Post right now, but it needs to be seen and studied by every American. There more I study it, the more my blood boils. When did it become okay for multiple officers, dressed for war, to aim assault rifles at unarmed civilians who pose no threat? Even if they pose a non-lethal threat, being unarmed, do the police have cause to respond with lethal force?
Who cleared this with the public, this tactic of heavy weapons and implied instant death? Do we not have a say in how our law enforcement officers conduct themselves? Have we not learned the failure of shock and awe? Is there a sentient being on the planet who does not agree these are the actions that breed distrust, hate and eventually armed resistance? You dare to ask us to trust authority when you refuse to treat the public with decency and dignity? How did these tactics work for us overseas? Anyone think this assault on the public on the home front at the ends of our driveways will yield any better result?

As a culture, we’ve lost all sense of proportion. We are insane. We answer peddling of “loosies” with death. We answer retreat with shots to the back, and 4 more point blank for good measure, and then get left on the street in the heat of summer while the flies congregate and the blood hardens on the asphalt. Jump a turnstile at a train station? Get shot. Are you a 94 year old infirm veteran waving a steak knife at a cop as you sit in a chair in a nursing home? Take two in the chest. Link arms on the ground and sing in non-violent protest? Get kicked, pepper sprayed, get shot in the face with a bean bag cannon at point blank range.

You bastards, you don’t own our streets. We owe you no obedience. We put the food on the table of your families. You serve at our pleasure. This needs to end.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite action. Newton’s Law, damn it. Basic physics. See that sentiment scrawled on the mailbox in that image? If this is what law enforcement has become, if this is the default response to its own crimes, then, yeah, I agree.

Do you realize that if this black person had been openly carrying a Crosman MK-177 Tactical Air Rifle (available in the toy department at Walmart) he would have been lying in a pool of his own blood, dead on the street.

One thought on “Public Enemy Number One?

  1. That is disgusting. This is the reason the police are only armed in response to an incident where a criminal is armed in the UK. I have to admit that I found the image truly shocking. America, land of the free, it doesn’t look like it!


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