We’ve Had It Backwards For 30 Years

Fat BoyThe Working Class Is Sinking and Dragging Walmart Down With It was the headline in a Slate article by Alison Griswold. We have noted this earlier but it seems to be getting worse. Now we hear that not only is Walmart feeling the pinch because Food Stamps have been cut back but also there are general reports that fewer people are able to afford simple things like taking the family to Olive Garden for unlimited salad and breadsticks.

Maybe greed is not so good after all.

Several years ago I was scanning the tabloid papers racked up at the checkout stand in my local food emporium and (embarrassingly) broke out in loud laughter which continued until everyone within fifty feet was looking at me: the reason, a headline on a reputable rag-sheet ( Star?) announcing that a fat man had broken the (world’s) record for beer drinking and had then exploded. I want to ask all the greedy billionaires how their guts are feeling?

[Note: If you read the article, the man didn’t explode but only had a burst seam in his innards … easily treated at the hospital … but the image of a man literally exploding and spraying his parts all over the bar stills sticks in my mind.]

Did you all see the TED talk by Nick Hanauer? Nick gives one of the clearest and easily understandable observation about the destructive nature of greed I have seen and all Americans should watch and listen carefully:

Yes, backwards for thirty years. Interestingly,  the conclusion of Hanauer’s argument is that supporting the real job creators—the people that earn the money and buy the products and services—is good for everybody: the poor, the middle class, and yes, even the rich and super rich.

This is so clearly evident and historically supported that it is amazing to realize there are still people stupidly trying to spread the misinformation that the opposite is true.

What are your thoughts on this?

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