Apartheid in Missouri?

OpportunityRemember, SCOTUS declared in a decision last year that racism is no longer a significant problem in the United States (see more on this myth). Of course, as soon as the decision came down, those states which are often associated with racism immediately moved to change their voting laws in a blatant effort to disenfranchise minorities and people of color (as they say). Now reports out of Ferguson, Missouri, expose a nefarious process to keep the white minority in power by using police power and a biased legal system to disenfranchise the black majority in the area … shades of South Africa. As has been said so often, Follow the Money! It seems that Ferguson has expanded the municipal wealth by an ingenious process that runs the black residents through a feedback loop of unequal education, lack of jobs, poverty, petty crime, fines and incarceration, and disenfranchisement based on criminal records. Simply put, the city gets the fines and the whites stay in power because the black citizens are legally discouraged to vote.

What a sweet deal!

Do the echoes of Dred Scott’s life and his struggles persist in Ferguson, Missouri? One thing is for sure, deep racial divisions persist in the U.S. today, no matter what the Supreme Court says.. Read what Amy Goodman has to say.


What are your thoughts on this?

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