Bombs Away!

bombsI have been reading that the war hawks are being fueled for take-off, ready to bomb Syria or Iraq or Iran or someplace else that will look good on television and has a lot of oil (if lacking in oil, there are some preternaturally oily American companies that will gladly make their obscene profits providing substandard food and supplies to innocent troops who blindly assume the real enemy is the guys on the other side).

It is well that we remember this pathetic truth: the enemy on the other side just wants you to butt out of their conflict and will kill you if you don’t leave, whereas the American corporation will not kill you until you have contributed the time and effort required to make them an unconscionable profit … and then they could care less if you live or die.

Do you remember this photo:

McCain In Syria

Yes, that’s the age-challenged war hawk John McCain who went to Syria to arrange for weapons and support to go to the Syrian insurgents. This was before all the brouhaha over ISIS. Guess where all those weapons and all that support (much in the form of money coerced from Qatar) went? How much of it did we turn around and blow-up in the last couple of weeks as the United States re-entered the Iraq boondoggle with advisors on the ground and bombs in the air?

I’m thinking that since McCain directly or indirectly was an early supporter of ISIS or organizations that are now a part of ISIS, John McCain should once again head on over to Syria or Iraq and undo what he started.

Or is John “Bombs Away” McCain afraid to stick his neck out in support of a Peace initiative.

What are your thoughts on this?

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