How Do You Decide What To Read?

DrugstoreThis is a perennial topic and with the internet now, it’s so much easier to keep informed about new books, to see what other people are reading; to share your experiences and tastes, and to expand your the world of reading. However, there is a trap: I expect I spend as much time on the Internet, both reading related and maintaining this website, as I do actually reading nowadays. So getting the straight story about books I might want to read, especially new books, is quite important.

I know I try to add to the confusion by highlighting a new title every day, but these books are not fully vetted and a clunker will appear now-and-then. But for the most part, the books I suggest as good to look into are representative of an author or a subject that catches my fancy, so it might be worth trying. Recalling that my reading tastes operate in two patterns: classical literature, including drama and poetry, and more transgressive fare that twists the expectations of traditional fiction, makes smoke come out your ears, and exhibits a healthy regard for bodily fluids. Interestingly, though, I find Science Fiction boring and we won’t even talk about romances, even if Fabio is on the cover.

So what did I suggest this last month? Here is the list with titles I have read in blue (not many this month). Did you add anything from this list to your TBR pile for future attention? I did.

08-01-14 – Women — Charles Bukowski
08-02-14 – California — Edan Lepucki
08-03-14 – Memoires D’une Jeune Fille Rangee — Simone de Beauvoir
08-04-14 – Hollywood — Gore Vidal
08-05-14 – Manchild in the Promised Land — Claude Brown
08-06-14 – The Art of Thinking Clearly — Rolf Dobelli
08-07-14 – Cormoran Strike — Robert Galbraith
08-08-14 – The Transit of Venus — Shirley Hazzard
08-09-14 – The Lord Of The Rings — J. R. R. Tolkien
08-10-14 – Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption — Stephen King
08-11-14 – Cutting For Stone — Abraham Verghese
08-12-14 – Skeleton Women — Mingmei Yip
08-13-14 – All Over Creation — Ruth Oseki
08-14-14 – Asimov’s Guide To the Bible — Issac Asimov
08-15-14 – The Cricket and the Hearth — Charles Dickens
08-16-14 – Dry. A Memoir — Augusten Burroughs
08-17-14 – Fluke — Christopher Moore
08-18-14 – A Father’s Law — Richard Wright
08-19-14 – The Franchiser — Stanley Elkin
08-20-14 – The Gravedigger’s Daughter — Joyce Carol Oates
08-21-14 – A Graveyard For Lunatics — Ray Bradbury
08-22-14 – Her Fearful Symmetry — Audrey Niffenegger
08-23-14 – The Museum of Final Journeys — Anita Desai
08-24-14 – The Rifles — William T. Vollmann
08-25-14 – Inventing Memory, A Novel of Mothers & Daughters — Erica Jong
08-26-14 – The Lost Continent — Bill Bryson
08-27-14 – A Man of Parts — David Lodge
08-28-14 – The Marriage Plot — Jeffrey Eugenides
08-29-14 – Metropolis — Thea von Harbou
08-30-14 – A Model World — Michael Chabon
08-31-14 – Neon Angel — Cherie Currie

One thought on “How Do You Decide What To Read?

  1. I have known some voracious readers who periodically don blinders and seem to see only one type of book or one author or one historical period. It looks like your reading is all over the place and I like that. I can’t imagine a long stretch reading nothing but books by George Eliot or nothing but Pulitzer Prize winners or nothing but Canadian literature. I have many moods and what I want to read in those different moods keeps me exercised and entertained.

    I appreciate and enjoy your “daily” suggestions but sometimes it looks like you’re dumping books from your previously read list and other times I suspect you’re spinning the Amazon vortex and seeing what flies out. But don’t stop. Even one or two good suggestions a month that work out for me, representing most readers, is a valuable thing.


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