Granddaughter … A New Kid

New Kid


Despite all the screwy stories that come out of Florida, it seems that they have probably the most liberal rules for insurance paying for births—hospital, doctor, midwife, birthing center, at home, a newspaper and a shoe lace—they’re all covered without question. This as-yet-unnamed bundle is the result of totally natural childbirth and two hours after the happy event, the whole family was home to start their future lives together.

It’s pretty amazing … but the Kid will learn that when you have children, your life must change to conform to the responsibility. I wonder if she’ll be giving her lectures in Film Noir with the wee bairn strapped to her back?

4 thoughts on “Granddaughter … A New Kid

  1. Oh, how cool is that now, Grandpa – or is it “grand-père”? And will Dad take the wee wonder to the grocery store strapped to his chest? – Congratulations!


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