Read the article from Nation of Change if you really want to get mad. And remember, our so-called democracy is actually ruled by money. I think that this means 90% of Americans are being screwed by the new oligarchy aristocracy.

Consider this: our founding fathers had as their fundamental goal the creation of a nation where the people governed and not a small group of privileged individuals who control the wealth of the country and the governance of the people. That is the grand experiment. But ever since Ronald Reagan the country has lost it’s way, the Constitution has been trampled on, and powerful groups, including the Supreme Court of the United States, have systematically moved this country to the once reviled aristocracy our forefathers rejected as unnatural and evil.

In America today “we the people” are shrinking into that little red dot and “all men are created equal” is the punchline to a joke delivered in the back rooms of monied power.

Has the experiment failed? Is the country ripe for another revolution? Do you know where we can get a few used guillotines … cheap?

What are your thoughts on this?

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