Money, Money, Money

dollarNo, it’s not a Richard Prior routine: it’s the Democrats.

Everyday I step through my email and discard the endless number of requests for money from every Democratic level imaginable: state, federal, senate,  governors, etc. Now I’m not against giving to causes I support and I inevitably send a significant amount to the most important election groups (as if anyone can really know which are the important groups).

So I send them $100 and that gets me five or six daily requests for even more money. Just as I was feeling I had done my duty with the $100 they repeatably jump on me for another $3 or $5 dollars. Do they know about my other donation or are they just indiscriminately (and embarrassingly) begging?

Now I see that Jon Stewart is concerned with the same subject. I’ll let him tell it …

Although I live in a state that is firmly Republican, it still is disheartening to consider than my entire election experience, other than a few seconds in the voting booth, is playing email fly-back with every Democratic beggar with an internet connection.

Elections are getting more expensive than luxury yachts nowadays.

I’m thinking we might give voters 5 or 10 bucks to get them out to vote. Then reform the campaign funding rules to have all political donations go into the fund that pays out the 5’s and 10’s at the polling place. The government should be sufficiently adept at arranging both this and also a minimum number of media outings for the candidates … just so the voters have some idea who they are voting for. Although this will restrict some knowledge of the candidates, it will also eliminate lies and damned lies, allowing  a  limited but truthful view of the candidate to trump a deceptive and villainous portrayal by the opposition.

What are your thoughts on this?

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