Finally, a good reason to carry a gun

Reading William S. Burroughs (Cities of the Red Night) and he writes in the chapter titled “Etranger Qui Passait” that a contingent of mercenaries is traveling across the desert

Burroughs… naked except for desert boots, packs, and belts with eighteen-inch Bowie knives and ten shot revolvers chambered for a high-speed 22-caliber cartridge. They have automatic carbines of the same caliber in their packs, with thirty-shot clips. These weapons may be needed if a time warp dumps an old western posse in their laps.

The NRA and every Right-Wing gun nut in the country is free to use the logic expressed by Burroughs: after all, it makes just as much sense as the wing-nut excuses we hear from most of these people.

For instance, here’s Iowa’s Joni Ernst:

What are your thoughts on this?

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