Polar Vortex and Climate Change

pollutionIn school the concepts and sciences of physical geography was one of the more interesting parts of my education. Even in High School we learned all about the different climate types on this planet and a very clear distinction was made between climate and weather. I suppose those that are reticent to think for themselves and who garner their version of the truth from some rather unreliable sources might mistake a snow storm in Buffalo for long range climate change, and, of course, we know that American Exceptionalism has focused our unthinking jingoism into a myth that nothing important happens outside of the United States, even climate change. But opinions and prevarications do not change the facts.

Here is a very short and easily understood video put out by the White House. Remember, these are the facts about climate change supported by years of careful research by the people who know the facts—scientists—and not the opinions of unqualified hacks or the questionable motives of corporations which just want to make profits no matter what happens to the planet.

What are your thoughts on this?

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