Does God Have a Shrink?

psychiatristWe’re hearing more and more incidents of businesses not wanting to support or fund any activities that might be in opposition to their own personal religious views. Whether it’s a minimum wage clerk in the glitter and glue aisle at Hobby Lobby or a cake decorator at a small bakery in Brooklyn, it seems too easy to ruffle the religious feathers of the boss and be denied healthcare or even continued employment.

My take on all these incidents is that individuals have religious rights, not businesses. What about the rights of those employees? Is it a requirement for employment that everyone conform or even accept for themselves the religious beliefs of the owners or managers of the business?

An article in The Washington Post suggested a difficulty in the clash between religions (or no religions) that, although quite the opposite of what we generally are exposed to, raises a very interesting conundrum The article is titled:

I’m an atheist psychiatrist. Should I see patients who believe in God?

I invite you to read the article at WAPO but the fundamental question raised is definitely something to think about. Simply put: if your personal and professional opinion is that religious faith is delusional, as a psychiatrist can you honestly treat a patient without challenging the patient’s religious beliefs?


What are your thoughts on this?

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