So Many Books, So Little Time

booksThe problem with making a reading suggestion each and every day is that I often want to follow my own advice but as Arthur Schopenhauer said, To buy books would be a good thing if we also could buy the time to read them. At least a dozen times each month I start to get excited about all the great books I have all around me and start to make endless mental lists of the titles I will be reading just as soon as I finish the current book I am reading. Of course, days go by, new interests intercede, and I never get to read all those wonderful books I suggested.

Let’s face it: reading is a process and measuring success by counting the books (or pages) you have read is not the goal. I figure that if I keep reading (and not worrying about the books I’ll never get to) I’ll keep the gears in my brain warmed up and well-oiled for many years to come. How many? I suspect fewer than I might hope for but life is like a shelf of books: you never know what you’ll get until you take down a volume and read it.

So here was the list of suggestions I made this first month of 2015:

01-01-15 – Robert B. Parker’s The Bridge — Robert Knott
01-02-15 – The Buried Giant — Kazuo Ishiguro
01-03-15 – Outline — Rachel Cusk
01-04-15 – The House of Fame — Geoffrey Chaucer
01-05-15 – The Red House Mystery — A. A. Milne
01-06-15 – Talking It Over — Julian Barnes
01-07-15 – Loitering — Charles D’Ambriosio
01-08-15 – Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail — Cheryl Strayed
01-09-15 – Venice: Pure City — Peter Ackroyd
01-10-15 – Mefisto — John Banville
01-11-15 – The Dressmaker — Beryl Bainbridge
01-12-15 – The Dogs Are Eating Them Now — Graeme Smith
01-13-15 – Big Bad Love — Larry Brown
01-14-15 – Vanessa and Her Sister — Priya Parmar
01-15-15 – The World of Thomas Jefferson — Daniel J. Boorstin
01-16-15 – A Week at the Airport: Heathrow Diary — Alain de Botton
01-17-15 – Hermit in Paris — Italo Calvino
01-18-15 – The Ghost Bride — Yangze Choo
01-19-15 – Caveman Logic — Hank Davis
01-20-15 – Room — Emma Donoghue
01-21-15 – The Franchiser — Stanley Elkin
01-22-15 – Stephen Fry In America — Stephen Fry
01-23-15 – The Wizard — H. Rider Haggard
01-24-15 – Original Sin — P. D. James
01-25-15 – Janus — Arthur Koestler
01-26-15 – The Bridge Trilogy — William Gibson
01-27-15 – The Innovators — Walter Isaacson
01-28-15 – Passion Play — Jerzy Kosinski
01-29-15 – The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov — Vladimir Nabokov
01-30-15 – The Book of Other People — Zadie Smith
01-31-15 – Imperial Bedrooms — Bret Easton Ellis


One thought on “So Many Books, So Little Time

  1. I always say that I bought the books I wanted to have read rather than the books I was going to have time to read!! Some great books there, why not save the Emma Donoghue and John Banville for my Reading Ireland Month in March?!


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