Population Matters

Did you see this map representing the nations of the world in proportion to their populations? It is published in the Washington Post in an article by Ishaan Tharoor. Go to WAPO  to read more about the map and what it signifies.

Note: the map is available at many web sites.

What is obvious from the map is that many of the great countries,  including the United States, are reduced in significance when you compare them to other parts of the world. The map shows clearly that Asia is the biggest gorilla in the room.

This map, compiled by Reddit user TeaDranks, shows what the world would look like if a country’s size was proportional to its population. As you can see, our sense of geographic space gets rather radically rearranged as a result.

Vast countries such as Russia, Canada and Australia turn into small rump states and slivers of territory. The United States is home to only 5 percent of the world’s population and its size suitably reflects that diminished reality. Europe, and not South Asia, appears to be the real Asian subcontinent.

What the map emphasizes is the primacy of Asia.

I wonder if anyone is working on similar maps based on other significant aspects of the world’s population, such as, intelligence or education , religiosity, internet access, availability of green leafy vegetables, or knowledge of digital watches?

What are your thoughts on this?

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