Is This the End of Little Caesar’s?

TillisSenator Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) believes that government regulations should be eliminated. He gives as an example the regulation that workers involved with the preparation and serving of food are required to wash their hands after eliminating waste products in the establishments bathroom. Tillis feels such a regulation is somehow strangling the ability of the business to prosper: the business should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to have their employees wash potentially dangerous byproducts from the workers’ hands before they serve you that cheese danish or make that pumpkin latte with an extra shot.

Tillis suggests that the business be required to post a sign informing the customers that the food service employees are not required to wash their hands before returning to work … no matter what they might have done in the bathroom. Tillis feels that such a sign would allow the customers to decide whether they wanted to do further business at that establishment. The free market will provide a solutioon without requiring government intervention.

In case you aren’t aware of the reason why the washing of hands is regulated, here is what the FDA says:

Proper hand washing reduces the spread of fecal-oral pathogens from the hands of a food employee to foods.

Of course Tillis is too stupid to realize that he is advocating further government regulation when he suggests that a new sign be required. Furthermore, if every food establishment is allowed to opt out of the hand washing requirement, where will the free market ever want to eat at ever again? Senator Tillis will have single-handedly destroyed the food service industry in the United States.

Our employees are free to wipe their hands on your lettuce after they take a crap.

2 thoughts on “Is This the End of Little Caesar’s?

  1. I wonder what this idiot would be saying when he stops in for some barbecue and ends up spending three or four days sitting on the can having harpies rip out his guts. Or is he one of those rich guys who has an illegal alien around to taste his food for him?


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