Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland

You should know by now that Carlton Mellick III is seldom accused of writing pleasant, realistic fiction. Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland is certainly no exception. Like all Bizarro fiction, the fun is in reading it for yourself so I don’t want to spoil the pleasure, but imagine that the fundamentalist churches grabbed all the weapons of mass destruction and in their apocalyptic delusion blew up most of the world and its people.

Of course the expectation is the second coming of the Messiah and Heaven on earth, but the reality is that, rising out of the ashes, McDonalds survives and creates a dystopian civilization called McDonaldland which is policed by a force known as the Fry Guys. But it isn’t all Big Macs in McDonaldland. It seems there is a virus or mutation that caused the males to grow extra limbs and the females to turn into huge ferocious wolves. In both cases, the mutants and wolf-like women are banished from McDonaldland to survive (and do battle) in the wilderness beyond the great wall.


By the way: the women grow more hair, flash longer teeth, and develop a beastly attitude the more they engage in sex. Why, fathers who have tried for a third child often get eaten by their wives … literally.

What happens in the wasteland? Oh, I wouldn’t think of spoiling it for you.

Read the classics, study poetry, absorb drama, but don’t forget to also have fun. I recommend reading some classic Carlton Mellick III this weekend and resist wasting your time going to see Fifty Shades of Gray.

What are your thoughts on this?

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