Demons In the Salvation Army

I noticed a small article from Katie McDonough at Salon which captures the unfortunate presence of idiocy in this country. Robert Reich is correct: America is winning the race to the bottom.

old clothes
Shirt $1, Hat $2, Demons N/C

A concerned viewer wrote to Pat Robertson for advice on demons and thrift stores:

“I buy a lot of clothes and other items at Goodwill and other secondhand shops. Recently my mom told me that I need to pray over the items, bind familiar spirits, and bless the items before I bring them into the house. Is my mother correct? Can demons attach themselves to material items?”

Robertson’s answer?

 ”Can demonic spirits attach themselves to inanimate objects? The answer is yes. But I don’t think every sweater you get from Goodwill has demons in it. In a sense your mother is just being super cautious, so hey — it isn’t gonna hurt you any to rebuke any spirits that might attach themselves to those clothes.”

Reading Bill Nye’s new book Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. Good clear highly readable discussion of science vs. the ideas professed by the psychoceramics in this country.

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