Looks Like Some Good Reading

City LightsInstead of winding things down, reading-wise, I seem to be finding more and more titles that intrigue me. I’m sort of in a quandary: should I concentrate on the classical novels that I still have not read (all those Penguin Classics on the shelves in the bedroom), or should I give in and realize that I can easily fill up my time with some fascinating contemporary fiction; then again, I could just concentrate on the transgressive fiction I love to read; what about all those journals with all those erudite articles and experimental short fiction? What should I do?

Well, this last month I have uncovered many newer titles that caught my fancy or new books by known authors that I just might want to read. I’ve added a few of these to my upcoming reading pool but there are so many. What about your reading list?

These works were daily suggestions this last month:

04-01-15 – Trigger Warning — Neil Gaiman
04-02-15 – I Am China — Xiaolu Gue
04-03-15 – The Crimson Labyrinth – Yusuke Kishi
04-04-15 – The Dressmaker — Beryl Bainbridge
04-05-15 – Life Class — Pat Barker
04-06-15 – The Uninnocent — Bradford Morrow
04-07-15 – Now You’re One of Us — Asa Nonami
04-08-15 – As She Stabbed Me Gently in the Face — Carlton Mellick III
04-09-15 – All She Was Worth — Miyuki Miyabe
04-10-15 – The Harder They Come — T. C. Boyle
04-11-15 – The House of Meetings — Martin Amis
04-12-15 – The Flood — Emile Zola
04-13-15 – The Librarian — Mikhail Elizarov
04-14-15 – The Next Species:The Future Evolution in the Aftermath of Man — Michael Tennesen
04-15-15 – Shira — S. Y. Agnon
04-16-15 – The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade
04-17-15 – The Widow Ching – Pirate — Jorge Luis Borges
04-18-15 – Manchild In the Promised Land — Claude Brown
04-19-15 – How to Travel With a Salmon and Other Essays — Umberto Eco
04-20-15 – The Golden Child — Penelope Fitzgerald
04-21-15 – A Great Deliverance — Elizabeth George
04-22-15 – The Precipice — Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov
04-23-15 – Swimming To Cambodia — Spaulding Grey
04-24-15 – Sweeney Astray — Seamus Heaney
04-25-15 – The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History — Peter Heather
04-26-15 – The Devil Tree — Jerzy Kosinski
04-27-15 – Necronomicon — H. P. Lovecraft
04-28-15 – Coronado — Dennis Lehane
04-29-15 – The Dreams — Naguib Mahfouz
04-30-15 – Cultural Idiocy: Why America Is Losing the War of Words — Joe Marconi

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