Gun Possession and Other Options

Through a rather perverted interpretation of the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, Americans have the right to own deadly weapons … guns. Nowadays the combination of Tea Party activists (and their behind-the-scenes support groups like the Koch brothers), the Conservative Republican Dog-Whistle Party, and any wing-nut with more than three tattoos and a Gadsen Flag, support and advocate the open carrying of deadly weapons with sufficient ordnance to guarantee a spot up front in the line at the Winn-Dixie on the eve of most any barbecue holiday in America.

So it’s a right to keep and bear arms.

However, since the Second Amendment includes a reference to an organized militia, isn’t it about time the government starts to make sure we have sufficient militia power to preserve and protect this great nation against evil doers at home and abroad. To this end I suggest we forget about registering firearms and instead include enlistment papers into the local militia with every gun purchase. Then, the Second Amendment will be fully realized by having those wishing to exercise their Constitutional rights being gathered regularly for militia training (including several weeks in the woods, deserts, or swamps battling insects and inclement weather). We don’t need to know where the guns are: we need to know where the brave militia is waiting to go on special drill assignments while those not owning guns stay home and watch the Super Bowl.

Another thought occurred to me.


If an evil doer is caught in a criminal activity that involves the use of a gun, the punishment for that criminal activity is greatly increased. That seems reasonable. But what if we consider the idea that anyone involved in an activity that results in injury when a gun is involved is implicitly accepting full responsibility for the preservation of their own lives and therefore, require no further attention from society, be it medical or otherwise. I think this is constitutional: where does it say that a person has the right to medical attention, even if they don’t want it?

So if you get hurt or, ironically, shot when you are in possession of a gun and choosing to defend yourself from some perceived danger, then you are on your own. Wave that flag, grab more bullets, and I will acquiesce to your wishes and neither tread on you nor help you staunch the blood that is pooling up on the floor.

You have rights but you better be careful what you wish for.

What are your thoughts on this?

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