June Is For Women and Men

McElroyYes, this is the month I decided to re-attack Joseph McElroy’s oversized and complex novel, Women and Men. Given the recent collapse of my dedication to reading caused by Netflix serials and the sad state of my eyes for reading, this will be a monumental task that may reduce my completed reading accomplishments this month to less-than one book. At the very least I will live with the pain of holding this tome while I’m reading.

But I’m optimistic enough to actually have created a standard size reading pool of 25 novels I might read over the next few weeks. Then again, there’s still a few years of Shameless and House of Cards waiting for me on Netflix, not to mention a good half-dozen Japanese slasher movies for my late-night enjoyment (how do they attach those chain-saws to replace their missing limbs?).

Since I might not conquer the list this month, I suspect I’ll see most of it returning in July. Then again, that assumes that I’m not still reading McElroy.

Reading Pool for June 2015

1. Chromos — Felipe Alfau
2. Lucky Jim — Kingsley Amis
3. Mansfield Park — Jane Austen
4. Humboldt’s Gift — Saul Bellow
5. Group Portrait with Lady — Heinrich Böll *
6. Castle To Castle — Louis-Ferdinand Céline *
7. The Woman In White — Wilkie Collins *
8. The Big Money — John Dos Passos
9. Tours of the Black Clock — Steve Erickson *
10. Middle C — William H. Gass
11. Mona Lisa Overdrive — William Gibson *
12. The Well of Loneliness — Radclyffe Hall
13. The Ambassadors — Henry James
14. The Golden Notebook — Doris Lessing
15. Defiance — Carole Maso
16. Women and Men — Joseph McElroy
17. Runaway Horses — Yukio Mishima *
18. The Uninnocent — Bradford Morrow *
19. The Black Prince — Iris Murdoch
20. Tunnel Vision — Sarah Paretsky *
21. The Last Days — Raymond Queneau
22. City of Night — John Rechy *
23. Momento Mori — Muriel Spark
24. Hotel Europa — Dumitru Tsepeneag
25. Infinite Jest — David Foster Wallace *

3 thoughts on “June Is For Women and Men

  1. I haven’t even gotten up to where I gave up before. I think I may keep at it, though, and possibly finish in July. So why aren’t you reading Women and Men too?


    1. Well, right now I´m reading The History of Western Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell. It is a long book, and is divided in three parts, so I am alternating them with novels.

      At the moment I am in part II, about Catholic Philosophy, and I think that when I finish it I will go for my third Nabokov novel: The Real Life of Sebastian Knight.


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