Pizza Farming

This excellent video from Funny or Die reminds me of the classic British spoof of pasta growers in Switzerland (as opposed to the large spaghetti farms in Italy).

Notice the difference between these two videos. The British entry is in the typical flat BBC narrative style and at no time does it even hint at being anything other than the truth (although genetically engineering the pasta to all be the exact same length is a bit of a stretch). The Funny or Die entry, however, immediately announces it is a spoof by having a known comedian as the spokesman. But the real difference is that the BBC film was all in good fun whereas the Funny or Die video actually presents an unscrupulous shill for the big food industry attempting to fool the consumer into thinking processed and questionably nutritious foods like pizza and fish sticks are grown naturally like fruits and vegetables which actually are good for kids to eat in the school cafeteria.

So one exhibits wry British humor while the other satirizes corporations who will say or do anything to assure a profit.

Last question: Do you think watering the plants with Coke is more effective than relying on Brawndo (remember, Brawndo has electrolytes)?

What are your thoughts on this?

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