Cam Model Makes the News

Perhaps you noticed a report that a cam model spoofing the Third Reich was shutdown by the web site which employed her. It was in the papers although I saw it on the internet. Of course there was beaucoup d’outrage over the Nazi uniform (like it hasn’t been on display in many other venues), reader comments on the article suggested the real shocker was that the cam model in less that four hours had earned about $30,000.

Thirty-Thousand dollars!

If you take the time to compare, this is almost the rate at which the average overpaid CEO is compensated … $10K per hour (as compared to about $16 per hour for the average worker in the United States).


Now that’s a comparison to contemplate: a cam model on a porn site and the CEO of a major corporation.


For my thoughts on Freedom of Speech and Nazis in America, consider my discussion of George Lincoln Rockwell in an earlier post.

What are your thoughts on this?

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