They’re Calling Out To Me

booksHave you ever tried to climb up a tall hill of sand? Now stop and think about all the great (and not so great) books that are being published which you really want to read. It can crush your enthusiasm. Sometimes I think I would rather select one book and read it over and over again, until I knew every event, every character, every dialogue: maybe I’ll spend my remaining days with my giant magnifying glass focused on Finnegans Wake or Recherche or Anatomy of Melancholy. But then I’d miss the newest novel from Michel Houellebecq or Eric Chevillard and I wouldn’t have time to read my journals such as Conjunctions and even Tin House.

Is it better to know everything about Finnegans Wake or should you have a well-rounded knowledge of a broad selection of literature, contemporary and classical?

This last month I have suggested a varied group of titles to explore. I plan to read a few as soon as possible; you should too.

08-01-15 – This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It — David Wong
08-02-15 – Memoir on Ancient and Modern Russia — Nikolay Karamzin
08-03-15 – On the Rez — Ian Frazier
08-04-15 – Brush Back — Sara Paretsky
08-05-15 – Marriage of Figaro — Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
08-06-15 – The Complete Stories of Clarice Lispector
08-07-15 – Fox Nation vs. Reality — Mark Howard
08-08-15 – The Lives of Others — Neel Mukherjee
08-09-15 – Satin Island: A novel — Tom McCarthy
08-10-15 – Loitering With Intent — Muriel Spark
08-11-15 – Purity — Jonathan Franzen
08-12-15 – X — Sue Grafton
08-13-15 – Bream Gives Me Hiccups — Jesse Eisenberg
08-14-15 – A Brief History of Portable Literature — Enrique Vila-Matas
08-15-15 – Last Bus To Wisdom — Ivan Doig
08-16-15 – Let Me Tell You — Shirley Jackson
08-17-15 – Into the Beautiful North — Luis Alberto Urrea
08-18-15 – The Hundred Year Flood — Matthew Salosses
08-19-15 – Young Babylon — Lu Nei
08-20-15 – House of Stairs — William Sleator
08-21-15 – The Dust That Falls From Dreams — Louis de Bernières
08-22-15 – The Winter Family — Clifford Jackman
08-23-15 – The Meaning of Human Existence — Edward O. Wilson
08-24-15 – Anglerfish Comedy Troupe: Stories from the Abyss — Colin Fleming
08-25-15 – Taipei: A Novel — Tao Lin
08-26-15 – Orfeo — Richard Powers
08-27-15 – The Sleep Garden — Jim Krusoe
08-28-15 – Tram 83 — Fiston Mwanza Mujila
08-29-15 – A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature’s Deep Design — Frank Wilczek
08-30-15 – Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man — Le Marquis de Sade
08-31-15 – Dryland — Sara Jaffe

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