REPUBLICAN-clown-car-oHere is a helpful little glossary from the Daily Kos to assist in understanding Republican-Speak:

1. “small businesses” really mean large corporation
2. “simpler tax” means more tax cuts for the wealthy
3. “secure medicare” means destroy it
4. “repair and replace obamacare” means destroy it
5. “secure the borders first” means treat Hispanics as second-classed citizens
6. “all lives matter” means we need to shut-up and take our murders like men
7. “horrified by planned parenthood” means I really need evangelicals in my camp
8. “take America back” means get them AAs out of our White House!
9. “the economy is in turmoil” means obama saved America from a great depression
10.” I won’t lead from behind” means I’m starting wars with Iran, Syria and maybe Russia too.

The article covers President Obama’s Labor Day speech: Obama Punk-Slaps the Entire GOP Field!

GOP or Taliban

2 thoughts on “Republican-Speak

  1. When will lefties ever speak with their minds instead of their emotions. There’s never ever going to be anything accomplished if conversation uses this kind of idiotic nonsense as a starting point.


    1. Interesting. A clear understanding of the truth masked behind the mendacity is emotionalism whereas accepting the now terribly clichéd lies as truth is considered a sign of rational thought. Do you reside in Louie Gohmert’s District by chance?

      Oh, I only bat left-handed (not that the appellation “Lefties” is emotional and idiotic nonsense designed to shut-down any counter argument).


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