The World’s Foremost Authority

Irwin Cory

It’s no secret that I have my radios set on several “old-time radio” channels. This is the kind of riches the internet has brought us. Does anybody remember DXing? I have three radios around the house and two or three computers on at any time so there are lots of places to tune in to Yours Truly Johnny Dollar or Gang Busters or Our Miss Brooks or Jack Benny entertaining the troops or those thriller shows like The Whistler and The Shadow or Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade.

I grew up in the late forties through the mid fifties with only a radio. I’d like to say I never got hooked on television but the sixties and seventies were lost decades (as Reverend Jim said, I think I macramed a couch).

The other day I was listening to Milton Berle from before he moved to television. At one point he introduced a well-known expert to provide an explanation for a concept and who was it but Professor Irwin Cory under an assumed nom-de-comedy. Fifty seconds of Irwin Cory is bliss … confusing and brain rattling bliss, but bliss none the less.

The world’s foremost authority is 101 years old. What-a-guy!

What are your thoughts on this?

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