Suggested Reading From October

book binYou probably didn’t even notice but half-way through this last month I upgraded the operating system on my large computer and suddenly was unable to access the application that I use for my everyday data, lists, etc. This immediately resulted in a loss of the list of suggested reading I had built up for the month and also a loss of the data I use to assure I am not posting too many duplicates. At first I froze and let a day or two go by without changing the suggested reading selection; then I started a new list which would replace the old, inaccessible list; then they fixed the software, my old list came back and I cleaned up any changes or duplicates; now everything is back to normal.

You’d think making these lists of suggested reading would get harder and harder with more and more obscure books being offered, but that’s not the case. Every posting I receive for books—especially new books—adds one or two new titles to my list of intriguing books and often gets a daily suggestion. Too bad I can’t read all the books myself.

Suggested Books to Look into for October 2015

10-01-15 – Zeina — Nawal el Saadawi
10-02-15 – Game — Barry Lyga
10-03-15 – A Hologram for the King — Dave Eggers
10-04-15 – Real World — Natsuo Kirino
10-05-15 – One Fat Englishman — Kingsley Amis
10-06-15 – Gravesend — William Boyle
10-07-15 – The Lost Landscape — Joyce Carol Oates
10-08-15 – Sweet Caress — William Boyd
10-09-15 – Undermajordomo Minor — Patrick deWitt
10-10-15 – The Fool’s Progress: An Honest Novel — Edward Abbey
10-11-15 – Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me – Richard Farina
10-12-15 – The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell — Aldous Huxley
10-13-15 – The Master — Colm Toibin
10-14-15 – The Jewel in the Crown — Paul Scott
10-15-15 – The Whites: A Novel — Richard Price
10-16-15 – The Hotel Years: Wanderings in Europe Between the Wars — Joseph Roth
10-17-15 – A Sicilian Romance — Ann Radcliffe
10-18-15 – The Agony and the Ecstasy — Irving Stone
10-19-15 – The Professor and the Madman — Simon Winchester
10-20-15 – Datura – Leena Krohn
10-21-15 – The Fishermen: A Novel — Chigozie Obioma
10-22-15 – Nagasaki — Eric Faye & Emily Boyce
10-23-15 – The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black — E. B. Hudspeth
10-24-15 – The Ragazzi — Pier Paolo Pasolini
10-25-15 – The Pit — Frank Norris
10-26-15 – Inventing Hell: Dante, The Bible, and Eternal Torment — Jon M. Sweeney
10-27-15 – Flood of Fire: A Novel (The Ibis Trilogy) — Amitav Ghosh
10-28-15 – Afloat — Guy de Maupassant
10-29-15 – Kapott — Curzio Malaparte
10-30-15 – Scum Manifesto — Valerie Solanas
10-31-15 – The Encyclopedia of Stupid — Matthijs van Boxsel

What are your thoughts on this?

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