Retroactive Scripture

Sacrifice_of_Isaac-Caravaggio_(Uffizi).jpgThe novel Zeina by Nawal el Saadawi is full of irony and satire in its narrative which displays the hypocrisy and anti-feminism inherent in the Moslem religion, both in scripture and in practice. It’s often subtle, but generally recognized easily. One passage struck me as being very cleverly written—almost postmodern—so I’d like to share it. Please read the book yourself to enjoy even more examples of the author’s skill in writing.

The streets were swarming with people, all dressed up for celebration, for the Great Feast which happened to coincide with Christmas. The Great Feast celebrated the sacrifice of a lamb instead of Ismail or Isaac. Their father, the Prophet Ibrahim, respecting the wishes of his wife Sara, Isaac’s mother, abandoned his other wife Hagar. He received God’s command to slaughter his son. The son to be offered for slaughter is Ismail, according to the story in the Qur’an, and Isaac, according to the Bible. Nobody really knows which one of the two he was supposed to slaughter. Ibrahim himself probably didn’t know, for the Qur’an hadn’t been revealed when Prophet Ibrahim was alive. Otherwise, he might have had to kill the two sons in obedience to the two Holy Books, which, together with the Torah, were sent to guide and enlighten people.

lil_viagra_by_zaratus.jpgAnd here’s a passage which objectifies and belittles that which makes a man a man (and therefore, for some reason, superior according to the Qur’an). Is there an implied comparison here between Viagra and the Easter miracle?

The little shrunken mouse between the thighs pronounced the verdict of untimely death on millions of girls. It took away their joy and their smile and their hope and the dreams of their childhood. This little mouse swallowed Viagra in the darkness of the night in the hope of being resurrected and reborn again.


What are your thoughts on this?

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