Diving Into the Reading Pool

Jeanette and I At B&N (HHI)I used to spend almost as much time in coffee shops and Barnes & Noble as I did at home (not counting the hours of sleep orbed-tossing). Even when I didn’t need to go to Starbuck’s, my wife would take me shopping and drop me off for coffee and several hours of reading. I knew all the baristas and seldom needed to actually order my usual since it was started as I was opening the door and looking for an empty seat.

It’s true that I would put together my very fluid pool of books to read for the next year while relaxing in Barnes & Noble with a venti Americano and a stack of A5 printouts of the contents of my bookshelves.

But times have changed. First, I no longer need to carry around a listing of the contents of my library since I have universal access to the internet and to the cloud where I store things like book lists and my weblog. In fact I don’t even lug around my laptop any more since just about everything I need is available on my iPhone. If my fingers weren’t so stubby I wouldn’t even need to carry a pad and a fountain pen.

Technology is really changing our lives … sometimes even for the better.

Sadly, I very seldom leave the house to go to Starbuck’s or Barnes & Noble since my wife died in 2009. But I still fill the pool with candidates for future reading.

55150-coffee_shopToday I must have almost five thousand eBooks on my reader. Some are in iBooks, most are in Calibre and Marvin, and a few are in dedicated files for the commercial readers from B&N or Amazon. With advances in access and storage I can read most books on my computer (iMac and MacBook) or my tablet (iPad) or my smartphone (iPhone 6+). Unfortunately, this makes the Bookshelves listings on my weblog (ACOR) less and less accurate.

I do have the ability to generate a listing from Calibre of all of my eBooks but I’m too lazy to make it pretty and link it into my website.

So since my bookshelf listing are a receding while my eBook collections are increasing, it’s probably even more important that I work on that annual pool of projected possible reading. After my move and all the bags and boxes of book donations, I will probably reduce the presence of the Bookshelves on the website and consider what to do about all the eBooks. Maybe I should use the Public Library as my model: when I select an eBook to read, it gets posted, but I’m not expected to post all the potential reading that is available at the library, right?

So first, the initial Reading Pool for 2016 … time is running out!


One thought on “Diving Into the Reading Pool

  1. Have fun working it up, Mike! I never seem to be able to go more than a few months in advance – and even that usually gets sabotaged.


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