Stay Classy and Read

images-3.jpgI want to again warn everyone that although I occasionally refer to these as “Suggested Reading,” they’re not really suggestions. When I was in school they built a new shopping center across the canyon from my parent’s house. At the time it was big and fancy but I was there about two years ago and they have doubled or even tripled the size of the mall and added a couple of movie theaters and four or five large themed restaurants.

But when it first opened. the star attraction for me was a well-stocked bookstore called Hunter Books. Up until Hunter opened, I made my reading selections from the wire racks down at the candy store. At Hunter I could browse for hours seeking just the right book to read. Do you remember scanning up and down the shelves being drawn in by a colorful cover or a catchy title. I would say that I selected my reading matter with my eyes. It was much later that I actually opened a prospective read and tasted the prose for a page or two.

Well, that’s something like I mean when I but a book title on the daily suggestion list. There was something about the title or the cover or even the author that caught my eye and intrigued me enough to reach out and toss the book into my in-store basket.

Here is what was in that basket of daily suggestions as I posted them in December.

12-01-15 – Sea of Poppies: A Novel (The Ibis Trilogy) — Amitav Ghosh
12-02-15 – Lost for Words: A Novel — Edward St. Aubyn
12-03-15 – Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang — Joyce Carol Oates
12-04-15 – Lust For Life — Irving Stone
12-05-15 – The Forever War — Joe Haldeman
12-06-15 – Adolf in Wonderland — Carlton III Mellick
12-07-15 – On a Red Station, Drifting — Aliette de Bodard
12-08-15 – Mascara — Ariel Dorfman
12-09-15 – The Little Sister — Raymond Chandler
12-10-15 – Delusions, Etc. — John Berryman
12-11-15 – Three Bedrooms In Manhattan — Georges Simenon
12-12-15 – The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic — Kinky Friedman
12-13-15 – Black Book of Arabia — Hend Al Qassemi
12-14-15 – Strange Light Afar — Rui Umezawa
12-15-15 – Dylan Goes Electric — Elijah Wald
12-16-15 – The Locusts Have No King — Dawn Powell
12-17-15 – The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test — Tom Wolfe
12-18-15 – Come Ninevah, Come Tyre — Alan Drury
12-19-15 – The Adventures of the Busts of Eva Perón — Carlos Gamerro
images-2.jpg12-20-15 – Washita — Patrick Lane
12-21-15 – The Wanting Seed — Anthony Burgess
12-22-15 – From the Realm of Morpheus — Steven Millhauser
12-23-15 – Giants — J. M. G. Le Clézio
12-24-15 – Honeymoon — Patrick Mondiano
12-25-15 – The Cambridge Companion To Atheism — Michael Martin
10-26-15 – Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Tainted Canister — Thomas A. Turley
12-27-15 – Make Room! Make Room! — Harry Harrison
12-28-15 – Avenue of Mysteries — John Irving
12-29-15 – A Little Life: A Novel — Hanya Yanagihara
12-30-15 – The Windup Girl — Paolo Bacigalupi
12-31-15 – Piercing — Ryu Murakami

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