Late Again At XFX

images-5.jpgThe new year rolled around and I successfully updated all the parts of A Celebration of Reading (ACOR) to start the new reading list and catalog the books I read during the year. I even contemplated removing or radically modifying my Bookshelves entries since I will be donating most of the books as I move to much smaller quarters in Florida and since I have replaced so many of those books with digital versions to read on my iPad.

So I’m sitting here sipping tea and noting the imaginative, experimental books I have already read this month and contemplating a few upcoming titles that have my own bodily fluids gurgling when I realized that I had forgotten to update and extend the reading list for the embedded Experimental Fiction reading group (XFX).

So quick as an ersatz electric bunny, I slapped together a first quarter list that is actually pretty good (even though a few of the titles match up with my regular January reading).

Try these on. Note that the Murakami is actually two books which were originally published separately. I’m sure the American publishers expects to make more money with the two-fer … read one, read both, no rules.


imgres01-16 – Tropisms — Nathalie Sarraute
images-402-08 – Hear the Wind Sing/Pinball — Haruki Murakami
imgres-103-01 – The Physics of Sorrow — Georgi Gospodinov
imgres-203-16 – Near To the Wild Heart — Clarice Lispector

What are your thoughts on this?

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