Read Fast Before They’re Gone


Time is running faster and faster. I have about six weeks to clean out my bookshelves, packing the books I intend to move and sending the rest off to various donation points: Goodwill, the Library, the Sun City Book Club, a few friends near and far. Even though this seems like a daunting task, it is made even worse by recalling that I also have to move ever other thing I want to keep, give away, or throw away.

I have been spending the last few days burning out my paper shredder (the office is coated with shards and other detritus). My goals as I work have been getting soft around the edges: I started examining every piece of paper and then carefully shredding those I didn’t want to keep; now I look at the first few documents and assume the rest are the same.

But life is not just work, work, work, and I will continue with some level of loyalty to my reading. Perhaps I’ll have to cut back the next two months or so but then I should be able to focus my attention in my new digs at chez-daughter’s new house.

Here is the projected list of possible reads for the month of February:

  1. The Automobile Club of Egypt — Alaa Al Aswany  *
  2. Nostromo — Joseph Conrad *
  3. Mascara: A Novel —Ariel Dorfman *
  4. The Big Money – John Dos Passos
  5. Independence Day — Richard Ford *
  6. Middle C — William H. Gass *
  7. New Grub Street — George Gissing *
  8. The Sleep of the Righteous — Wolfgang Hilbig *
  9. J — Howard Jacobson *
  10. The Bear Went Over the Mountain: A Novel — William Kotzwinkle
  11. Complete Stories — Clarice Lispector *
  12. Temple of Dawn — Yukio Mishima *
  13. Honeymoon — Patrick Modiano *
  14. Hotels of North America — Rick Moody *
  15. Patricide — Joyce Carol Oates *
  16. Goth: A Novel of Horror — Otsuichi *
  17. Doomed — Chuck Palahniuk *
  18. The Antichrist — Joseph Roth *
  19. The Diamond Age — Neal Stephenson *
  20. Necropolis: A Novel — Jeet Thayil *
  21. The Ogre — Michel Tournier
  22. Infinite Jest — David Foster Wallace *
  23. This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It — David Wong *
  24. Vertical Motion – Can Xue *
  25. The Fortune of the Rougons — Émile Zola *
  • Chromos — Felipe Alfau
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages — Tom Holt *
  • Ex Libris — Ross King

2 thoughts on “Read Fast Before They’re Gone

  1. Time like now you can be extra grateful for your e-reader! I remember in 2006 when I moved from a house I’d occupied for twenty years. Unbelievable the books I gave away. I also traded a bunch in at the great Bookman’s in Flagstaff and used my credit for DVDs. That worked out well.


    1. I have been culling the shelves for books I have as eBooks or can easily obtain (like Gutenberg) and I have packed all the small-print paperbacks to go to Goodwill (excepting the Penguins which are new). My daughter has convinced me that I have no room in the new house but I did some measuring and, except for the built in shelves, I may have more room down there (especially since I don’t need to count the kitchen or living room). Although I hate to give away books I might want to read later, I suppose I can always buy them again … for the iPad this time, of course.

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