Second Quarter Reading At XFX

Don't PanicWith my upcoming move and the radical simplification of my life (not to mention dumping most of my books and belongings that I have acquired through the years), I’m intending to simplify the ACOR website. Right now I have every intention of continuing but the loss of my bookshelves and extra room for books and my sketchy eyesight suggests that I de-emphasize the bookshelves pages and possibly drop the XFX sub-site (blending it into the regular reading).

XFX has been around for a while and I know many readers have been introduced to new and experimental literature through the site. However, if I simplify things, I will keep going with ACOR. As I said, XFX would be integrated into the basic site and, after a review of whatever books may remain after the move, the Bookshelves may move to be a sub-item under Lists.

There’s another reason to consider these changes, albeit related to the reasons already stated. Anyone who has kept up a website knows that it takes time. In some ways retirement has given me more time but it also has given me more naps and more trips to the doctors and more navel gazing trying to remember what I did wrong at the sock-hop that Friday in Junior High. Life gets in the way of reading and maintaining a website gets in the way even more. Perhaps with fewer web pages to keep up-to-date I will read a few extra books each year: that’s worth something.

But I’m still packing for Florida and maybe when I get there things will be quite different … you never know (box of chocolates be damned).


04-16 – Chromos — Felipe Alfau







05-08 – Goth — Otsuichi






06-01 – Willard and His Bowling Trophies — Richard Brautigan






06-16 – eXistenZ — Christopher Priest

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