Dark Net

imgres.jpgI was watching the series Dark Net on Showtime Anytime and began to wonder if it was a recent program or possibly something from a few years ago that I had been unaware of. So I went to the venerable Google and was presented with many sites and pages dealing with Dark Net. Unfortunately, most of the hits were to the Showtime website itself and were mostly advertising hype. Then I went to a few sites outside of Showtime and found reviews, discussions, summaries, etc. but I couldn’t find any dates posted for the site pages or for the show itself. Oh, I knew it started in January and was on Thursday night but what year?

The difficulty was exacerbated by the persistence of current, personalized advertisements clustered all over the web page: even old out-of-date web pages looked new and up-to-date with all the commercialism.

So I’m trying to find out more information on a cable television series that just finished making me very concerned about the current level of surveillance and I find myself at a website that obviously is controlling my response to the subject and also attempting to convince me to buy yet another pair of binoculars since the ones I bought last week are probably lonely.

I only have access to four episodes of Dark Net: are there more? The episodes are titled:

  • Crush (how cyber love is gaining ground over human interaction)
  • Upgrade (how technology can enhance the human body)
  • Exploit (the Dark Web of drugs, child pornography, and other elicit activities)
  • CTRL (the dangers of the internet: who is in control?)

images.jpgThe Dark Net series, albeit somewhat sanitized for Showtime viewers, can make you think about the technology explosion and even about what it means to be human. One person on the show opines with tears in his eyes that we might look back in 2020 and wonder why we didn’t heed the warnings … just before Skynet goes online.


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