The Antichrist

images-1.jpgThe Master of a Thousand Tongues said: ‘Go there, where the Jews live together, tightly packed into villages or small towns.’

So I went to the Jews.

And there I met people who were Jews, that is to say, all the world around them called them Jews. But I saw no difference between them and other people, except in certain traditions of everyday life and of religion.

And I wrote to the Master of a Thousand Tongues the following letter:

Mighty Master of a Thousand Tongues

As I have already had the honour to tell you face to face that I do not feel able to remain in your service, I allow myself now to inform you that I am unable to view the Jews to whom you have dispatched me as a people distinct from the other peoples of this earth.

I repeat to you, Mighty Master of a Thousand Tongues, on this occasion that I am not at all able to distinguish between peoples or send you reports that will make the people to which you belong believe that this people or that is different or remarkable.

I view all the people of the world to be remarkable but also equally average.

I hold that, above all, people are people. And as long as it is not viewed as an obvious truth that throughout the world and in all languages of this earth all people resemble one another much more than they are dissimilar, I think it is a sin to call out the differences between the various peoples instead of their similarities and commonalities.

Certainly there are differences between races and peoples.

images.jpgThese differences are, however, in the first place not as great as the differences between people who belong to the same race or nationality.

Second, they are much less pronounced than the similarities and equalities that unite people with people and race with race, such that I believe I would be doing God Himself an injustice, and therefore committing a mortal sin, if I were to emphasize the peculiarities of any one people instead of its similarities with all other peoples.

For all peoples descend from Adam, into whom God breathed His living breath.

If I were to make distinctions between the Children of Adam, I would therefore be saying that God breathed not one but many different breaths to create different types of peoples.

And, above all, I see in every person the image of God.

Respectfully, your obedient servant

Joseph Roth

imgres.jpgThis excerpt is from the novel, The Antichrist by Joseph Roth. In light of current events around the world and especially the clear evidence of the usurpation of the American Republican Party by the Antichrist, I recommend that everyone read this excellent and thought provoking book. In the above passage you are free to substitute Moslem for Jew to make the sentiments expressed a bit more contemporary … or Mexicans even. The message itself is universal.


What are your thoughts on this?

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