Naughty Bits, Lion Heads, and Brawndo

Adam-Eve-Michelangelo-L-1I have maintained for years that religious morals dictated that sex and naughty body parts should be hidden from view for the simple reason that sex and parts and bodily functions are too easily associated with the rest of the animal kingdom and if the human animal is actually a separate creation in the image of a god, then it’s best to cover-up any hints that man might be closer aligned with the animals of the world—the beings which we can see and touch—rather than to a primitive spirit—the being that no one has ever seen or touched outside of the fiction.

I continue to believe this. It’s like the christian scam that was implemented at the behest of the fish industry to refrain from eating meat on Fridays lest you be in violation of god’s law.

It was all made up by men who sought power and gain. Take away the wealth of the church and all the cardinals will apply for real estate licenses.

Then I was sitting at my desk watching snippets of world events on the internet when it dawned on me that there was a real problem with the logic of the christian church here in the United States. It might be a problem in other religions in other countries but thinking-out-loud is confusing enough when I limit my head scratching to just my own country.

The conundrum is as follows: if the religious-right insists that sex is only for procreation and that the right-wing insistence on having conception and birth occur without intervention like contraceptives or abortions, then the church is admitting and emphasizing that humans are just animals like any other.

images.jpgBy way of an absurd (but useful) analogy, suppose the church jumped in the way-back machine and discovered that man’s primitive brain growth was to make it easier to remember which berries were poison, where the slower antelope roamed, and how to cook a lion’s head until the brain was firm but still juicy. Imagine if those religious fundamentalists returned and declared that the function of the brain was solely to find food and escape from being eaten. Would there be a new plank in the republican platform to destroy education (wait, they’ve already got that), or to declare think tanks as unholy places frequented by evil spirits (uhhh?), or to guaranty a voting populous that puts its trust in Brawndo…

I’m sorry, I had intended to raise a frightening and wicked view of the country but I realize now that everything I envision from a fundamentalist version of the original nature of the brain is already active in this country.

I guess the real anomaly is: How could those republicans be smart enough to realize that making everyone dumber was the way to gain and hold power?

What are your thoughts on this?

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