Read Dangerously

Conjunctions 66: Affinity

The Friendship Issue

aa901eea-ed60-40f7-aa57-45907d262122[The] editor, Bradford Morrow, writes: “This issue is a gathering of writings that address some of the myriad ways in which we encounter one another as friends. The nimble dance between love and friendship is part of the dialogue. Staunch friendships and fraught ones. False friendships and fading ones. Friendships brought into being in the cauldron of illness, friendships that make us feel most alive.”

Affinity brings masters like Robert Coover, Rick Moody and Darcey Steinke, Joyce Carol Oates, and John Ashbery into conversation with the fearless new voices of Jedediah Berry and Emily Houk, Spencer Matheson, Matthew Cheney, Isabella Hammad, and many others. Those who renew can also look forward to a previously unpublished poem by Robert Duncan, in his own handwriting.

Typhoid Mary and Glenn Gould find friends in this issue. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer rediscover each other, far from the Mississippi. Hansel and Gretel consider befriending some teenage wolves in the deep, dark forest of their adolescence.

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