They Just Won’t Stop Publishing

images.jpgDid anyone find something good to read this last month in the daily suggestions? I actually have several newer novels added to my list but now I have to get copies to read (digital, of course). I would say that about half of the suggested reading is from new books that pique my interest; I suppose if there wasn’t thousands of other books begging me to read them I just might make deeper inroads on my own list of suggestions.

Of course right now I’m trying to lighten my load of books for the movers so I am dedicated to subtracting titles from my Bookshelves and never never to add new books.

I got a hint that I might have some built-in bookcases in my new digs down in Florida: it’s new construction, so why not?

But for the record, here are the titles suggested for reading or just browsing that I collected from the April dailies:

04-01-16 – The Nine Fold Heaven — Mingmei Yip
04-02-16 – The Vegetarian — Han Kang
04-03-16 – Sombrero Fallout: A Japanese Novel — Richard Brautigan
04-04-16 – Cowboy Bible and Other Stories — Carlos Velásquez
04-05-16 – Where the Bird Sings Best — Alejandro Jodorowsky
04-06-16 – Flee — Evan Dara
04-07-16 – Hotel Andromeda — Gabriel Josipovici
04-08-16 – A Naked Singularity: A Novel — Sergio De La Pava
04-09-16 – The Letters of Mina Harker — Dodie Bellamy
04-10-16 – Agape Agape — William Gaddis
04-11-16 – Too Loud a Solitude — Bohumil Hrabal
04-12-16 – In the Café of Lost Youth — Patrick Modiano
04-13-16 – The Portable Veblen — Elizabeth McKenzie
04-14-16 – West of Eden — Jean Stein
04-15-16 – Hard Rain Falling — Donald Carpenter
04-16-16 – Shutter Man — Richard Montanari
04-17-16 – Whites: A Novel — Richard Price
04-18-16 – Ban en Banlieue — Bhanu Kapil
04-19-16 – The Tsar of Love and Techno: Stories — Anthony Marra
04-20-16 – Buddha — Karen Armstrong
04-21-16 – Shelter — Jung Yun
04-22-16 – The Unfortunate Traveller — Thomas Nashe
04-23-16 – The Abundance — Annie Dillard
04-24-16 – War Music — Christopher Logue
04-25-16 – Oreo — Fran Ross
04-26-16 – The Gap of Time: A Novel — Jeanette Winterson
04-27-16 – The North Water — Ian McGuire
04-28-16 – Bats of the Republic: An Illuminated Novel — Zachary Thomas Dodson
04-29-16 – Journey by Moonlight — Antal Szerb
04-30-16 – Tamburlaine — Christopher Marlowe

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