Trump/Trump in 2016

imgres.jpgI was reading a fun article online that reviewed all the likely contenders for Donald Trump to select from as his running mate. The post considered Newt Gingrich as the No.1 contender, followed by Mary Fallin (although I heard bad things coming out of Oklahoma where she is now Governor), Chris (Bend-Over) Christie, Bob Corker (who is unsure if Trump is fit to be President), and Joni (Grab Your Balls) Ernst.

Just a side note: Joni Ernst is too dumb to know that the bread bags go inside your shoes or boots in the winter.

Trump originally tapped Ben ($12) Carson and some observers expected Ben to pick himself for Vice President, like that affable war criminal, Dick Cheney. I guess Ben got Fired! But I have personally discovered the only candidate for Trump’s running mate that is logically acceptable to The Donald … that, of course, is The Donald.

After all, Trump is much too presidential for only one office and with all the great words he has and all the wonderful things he says and all the best people he surrounds himself with, I’m sure that he would be more than capable of holding down both jobs and still keeping track of all his law suits and golf courses and Eastern European models.

Wait! Trump has expressed admiration for at least one other politician …


What are your thoughts on this?

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